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The Best Sports Supplements To Take Before Your Workouts!

A soldier wouldn’t go into battle without the proper ammunition; so why would you walk into the gym before you’ve loaded up on the right nutrients?  Propel your workouts with energy, recover faster, and build more muscle and by preparing your body with a powerful sports supplement cocktail before your workout.

Here’s a solid lineup of the best pre-workout sports supplements to get charged up for your training while enhancing muscle recovery and growth…

The Best Pre-Workout Sports Supplements:
One Hour Before You Train

One hour before you train, take 3-5 grams of the amino acid L-Arginine. L-Arginine increases blood flow during your workout. This will give you a massive muscle pump while increasing oxygen uptake and enhancing protein synthesis. In fact, adding L-Arginine to your pre-workout supplements wil even help you better absorb your post-workout protein for enhanced muscle growth.

The Best Pre-Workout Sports Supplements:
30 Minutes Before You Train

Just a half hour before your workout and you’re jacked with adrenaline for the battle ahead. Before you jump in the car to head to the gym, mix yourself up this second round of pre-workout sports supplements. Your first ingredient is the crack cocaine of protein, better known as Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s). Mix about 5-10 grams of BCAA powder into a glass of water until most of it dissolves.

Next, add between 200-400 milligrams of powdered caffeine (which is the equivalent of approximately 3 – 5 cups of coffee).   Caffeine’s role is obvious here…to jumpstart your motivation and energy levels so you’re ready to rip the plates apart once you hit the bench press!  Start at the lower end of the dosage until you find your perfect level.

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In addition to the BCAA and caffeine mix, add 2-5 grams of Creatine Monohydrate.  Yes, it’s true; Creatine Monohydrate has been a standby for bodybuilders and serious trainers for decades.  And it’s time-tested to boost energy and pump your muscle cells while you train.  By drawing fluid into the muscle cells, Creatine Monohydrate actually makes you look bigger and brings more nutrients into the cells for faster recovery and more muscle growth.

The Pre-Workout Supplement
Cherry on Top

Boost your muscle strength and power by adding in 1-3 grams of Beta Alanine to your cocktail before downing it.  Research has shown that Beta Alanine works really well with creatine to boost its effectiveness even more.  Consider it kind of like a “power booster” for creatine.

Mix all this stuff up, drink it down about 30 minutes prior to your workout, and get ready for a supercharged, intense training session.  You’ll have more energy, get a bigger pump, and activate more muscle growth once you’re loaded up on these powerful pre-workout sports supplements.

47 Responses to “The Best Sports Supplements To Take Before Your Workouts!”

  1. Mike says:

    Hey Jeff, your pre-workout sups are basically what I use except for one change. I am allergic to caffiene, (there are alot of us out there) it gives me heart palpitations, so I use L-Glutamine as a substitute. I think it has many benefits over caffiene too.
    Keep up the info. It gives hope to old guys like me.

  2. Tom says:

    you have just outlined exactly what I use.

    5g bcaa + 2 scoops jack3d + 1.5g kre-alkalyn = incredible workout!

    when I take this I am THE ONE. iron bends to my will.

    • Ha! “The One”! I love it!

      One suggestion I’d make is to switch to creatine gluconate instead of the kre-alkalyn. I’m about to put out an audio on this supplement soon and it works great!

      • Tom says:

        I always workout on an empty stomach and do my best to stay away from any form of sugar or carbs pre workout because I want to max my gh levels. intensity isn’t lost on me as it is most people. if I have anything in my stomach I end up sick….and I’m not weak on an empty stomach either.

    • I like the bcaa+kre alkalyn+caffine. I buy a 120 scoop supply of powdered arginine and take that 30 minutes before everything else! Usually ill take it 90 miutes before i workout eat 1 cup of rice and a protien shake, 30 minutes after that ill take my other sups. Gives u one hell of a pump and a ton od energy

  3. Michael says:

    Lo Jeff
    Please forgive me if I appear obtuse, but are you saying the all of the supplements mentioned in this article should be taken prior to a workout? Also would it make much of a difference if the powdered BCAAs were substituted for the capsule variety?

    Is this supplement cocktail/stack something that you would recommend to a novice trainer such as myself?

    Thanks for you time

    • Hi Michael! yeah, these are great for novice trainers. No prob there.

      As for powdered BCAA’s vs. capsules, it’s the same but it just comes down to expense. When companies encapsulate (or make into tablets) BCAA’s, they typically waaaaaay overcharge and rip you off!

      It’s best to buy BCAA’s in bulk and mix them yourself. You’ll save a TON of money! If you have my book from you’ll have all the info you need to know what to buy, where to get it, and how to use it.

  4. Reggie says:

    What type of benefits do you see with taking Maltodextrin pre workout other than when your trying to gain weight fast? like for lean muscle gain??

    • Yes, maltodextrin is a “complex carbohydrate” even though it’s a form of sugar. It’s best for long term energy during your workout which is why you see it in sports drinks.

      It will help you power through your workout, especially in combination with other ingredients I suggest in the “Homemade Supplement Secrets” program.

  5. Humair says:

    Before going to gym, i prepare a milk shake and include an energizer drink that consist of following ingredients;

    Fresh Milk, Sugar, Whey Powder, Maltodextrin, Corn Syrup, Stabilizer, Artificial flavor of vanilla, Minerals, Vitamin C, B1, B12,

    I take this drink before 1 hr and after coming from gym.

    Is this is helpful for building muscles. Any other ingredient that i add in this drink or there is no need?

    • Not recommended Humair. Here’s why…

      First, taking in the sugar an hour before your workout is only going to prematurely spike insulin and won’t give you the energy you’re going to need in the gym. The maltodextrin will, but not the sugar. Save it for after your workout. Same for the corn syrup.

      The Vitamin C is best taken on an empty stomach in the morning with another dose of L-Arginine (they work great in combination) but you can take it before your workout if you like.

      Not sure what a “stabilizer” is but it sounds nasty and I don’t like anything “artificial” 😉

      • Humair says:

        Thanks for the advice Jeff.

        The energy drink that i add in Milk shake is Nestle Supligen with Actigen-E, vanilla flavor,
        (My milkshake contains 4 bananas + Milk 200ml + Sugar 4 Tablespoons + Nestle Supligen 200ml)

        • Humair says:

          Kindly suggest me the supplement with complete ingredients to take before and after work out. also i am allergic to egg, i cant eat eggs because it cause rashes on my body. then what will be the substitute for that.

  6. BJ says:

    I have a couple jugs of some stuff that provides 5g of BCAAs plus has some waxy maize in it. I have been looking for something to take during my workouts. Would something like this suffice?

  7. Leland Sanchez says:

    When I take L-arginine I also take it with creatine and glutamine. However this tastes HORRIBELE!

    • Leland Sanchez says:

      Is there anything I can do to help this taste decent?

      • L-arginine and l-glutamine don’t taste too bad. They don’t taste “good”, but they’re not that bad and I regular drink them straight with water without a problem.

        Therefore, it’s likely your version of creatine. If you chose creatine ethyl-esther – bad choice. Tastes like fermented dog vomit! I highly recommend creatine gluconate from (type in “musclenerd” in the coupon code area and you’ll get a discount).

        Creatine gluconate is creatine bonded with a glucose molecule so it’s rapidly absorbed, doesn’t require loading, and tastes perfectly fine.

        • Ben says:

          All of the above supplements taste fine to me. The biggest problem I have is with BCAA. They really do taste foul! I mix it with a small amount of orange juice (which takes away the taste) when taking the 1g recommended in HPX.

          The problem I have is with this pre and during workout BCAAs. This stuff really doesn’t mix at all for me, if i mix with a spoon it just cakes up and sticks all over the glass, even if I stick it in a blender it just foams up a bit but still isn’t mixed, so I just end up drinking great chunks of this stuff, which as I say is pretty foul tasting.

          Any Tips?

          • The BCAA’s do start out frothy but they dissolve in a few minutes. All you need to do is mix it up good with a spoon (or shake it up in a shaker cup or water bottle) and then let it sit. I wouldn’t recommend blending it because this may make it way more frothier.

            It only takes about 5-15 minutes for most powders to fully dissolve. I don’t mind the taste but putting the BCAA’s in juice as you suggested will help.

          • Rob says:

            Try Xtend by scivation, its a very popular bcaa drink by a very reputable company

  8. Bill says:

    Jeff, Do you recommend these supplements for a fifteen year old young man. If not, could you offer some suggestions. Thanks

    • All of the supplements I recommend could apply to anyone because I believe in going all natural. The only ones I wouldn’t advise are my growth hormone and testosterone boosting recipes because (as you know) teenagers need no more testosterone than they’re already getting! LOL!

  9. kelly says:

    using your book (great, by the way) and some additional research of my own (mini-musclenerd?) pre is arginine hcl, vit c, tmg, choline bitrate, ornithine hcl, and 7keto, bcaa and creatine ethyl-esther malate. during is more bcaa, l glutamine and d ribose. comments? sorry about the spelling…

    • Nice concoctions! :-)

      Only thing I would change is the form of creatine. I’m not a fan of the ethyl esther and there’s talk that it was a big rip-off scam. Besides the fact that it’s possibly the worst tasting stuff on the planet. I would opt for creatine gluconate (see my response to Leland above.

      Also, not sure how much BCAA’s you have in your during, but I’d recommend 10g total between either pre + workout or during workout. It’s my favorite.

      Great work on customizing your own stuff!

  10. Joe says:

    Jeff, I have a green tea about an hour before my workout then two bananas and 30-40 whey protein isolate 30 mins before. Whats your opinion on this

    • I stopped using green tea Joe. My research is showing that it interferes with testosterone production. I used to do a LOT of green tea and I’m still researching and using myself as a Guinea Pig. I may be revising some of my books based on this.

      Also, for pre-workout, I’d suggest using somewhat GREEN bananas rather than ripe ones. They’re lower glycemic and will provide longer duration energy for you.

      I’d also suggest eating further away from your workout. Like 2-3 hours prior if possible. Eating too close to your workout can create nausea and can also limit growth hormone production.

  11. Matt says:

    Hey jeff
    I’m glad someone finally came out and said what’s needed rather than trying to get me to download the latest book for £15 and still not make sense.
    Where do you recommend buying these products from and and particular brand?
    What do you reccomend for a post workout because I normally just have a protien shake

    • Hey Matt!

      As most people know, I’m not a big “brand” guy. I make my own supplements (hence my book I like to hock! LOL).

      My main supplier is at for my supplement ingredients. If you type in “musclenerd” at the coupon area on their order form, you get a discount as well.

      As for “post workout”, I’m actually going to post a specific blog article on this very soon so stay tuned, ok?

      Keep up the great work brotha!

  12. Tom says:

    for those that don’t like the taste of bcaa’s or other things in your pre workout, here’s a tip…

    I buy the sugar free drink mixes that are meant to be added to a 16 oz bottle of water. they are usually a couple of bucks for twenty or so at your local food store. I mix 2 scoops of bcaa’s with 16oz of ice cold water and add a drink mix packet. it completely masks the flavor of the bcaa’s. this works with any unflavored supplement and is great wether you prefer to drink you supps pre, post or during your workout.

  13. Marlz says:

    Jeff, does it matter what form of L-Arginine that is used one hour before workout?

    • Not really. It depends upon the value. In other words, you can use straight l-arginine and double the dose or use a more easily absorbed version (Like l-arginine akg) at the dosage listed here. ( should have clarified that I was using AKG as the version.

  14. Purcell says:


  15. Purcell says:


  16. Kyd says:

    Jeff, i had read that it’s not good to combine creatine with caffeine because creatine works by creating an osmotic effect which leads to cells swelling with water? Pls enlighten…thanks.

  17. Patrick says:

    Hello everyone, I need help on something.

    I wasn’t taking what is described in this article and i’m very excited about trying this.
    But, I have just began the Hyper-Adaptative Cycle. I was wondering if I should wait to start the next Progressive Load Cycle to take this. I dont know if I should use the caffeine only during the Progressive Load Cycle. Do I need the kick that Cafeine will give me for the Hyper-Adaptative Cycle?

    Thank you for all replies,
    Very good articles by the way.

  18. Humair says:

    kindly suggest supplement before workout (mention the ingredients) and after the workout.

  19. Rob says:

    for arginine, try No2xL by Muscle Gauge nutrition, they sell it on for 59.99 for 250 servings and it comes in orange or lemonade flavor!

    stack that with citrulline malate (i got primaforce citrulline malate on, $20 for 100 2g servings)

  20. christopher says:

    i am curious about the mixing of caffeine and creatine as well. creatine draws water into your muscles and caffeine, being a natural diuretic, flushes it out. as far as bulking your tri’s, try either close grip bench presses, dips, or skull crushers!

  21. Poul says:

    Hey Jeff,
    I love these posts but it can be hard to stay on top of all the supplements and foods that all seem to be critical so here is an idea for you since you are already a walking library:
    How about a PRIORITZED supplement and food list?
    More specifically it would be for all of us busy people out here in the “mob” who are trying to juggle everything while still trying to stay in shape and gain mass. I am sure that I am not alone when I say that many of us end up “giving up” because we get bombarded by food and supplement info. Personally I can´t find the time to keep up so I would love a manual that listed the most critical daily foods and must-take pre- and post supplements. Everything could be listed in first, second and third priorities depending on how serious each individual is.

    That way we could at least start out with P1 and then try to progress from there.

    Make sure to hand me a free copy if you end up selling the idea :-)

    Thanks for all the great info!

  22. Joel says:

    What about “mental improvement” pre-workout supps like Choline Bitartrate, L-Tyrosine, Phenylethylamine or Vinpocetine. I have read that these provide a mental intensity (more drive) to the workout.


  23. john says:

    Can i use before workout kre alk.jack3d and a2 pump?

  24. Ronny P says:

    Where do Weight Gainers fit into the picture? If you are trying to bulk, is it ok drink these (because they contain further BCAAs)

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