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Strange Trick To Naturally Increase Testosterone By 65%

Ok, this study shocked me when I first saw it!

I mean, who would have thought that THIS one factor could have such an amazing impact on your ability to naturally increase testosterone!

In fact, some of you may actually be severely limiting your ability to build muscle and burn fat if you’re “challenged” in this area.

Let me explain…

Shocking Scientific Testosterone Research…

Scientific research has found a dramatic link between your body’s natural testosterone production and, get this…


And we’re not talking “small numbers” here!

Researchers found that through direct exposure to sunlight for a specific period of time, your body increases production of testosterone “precursers” by as much as 65%!

Remember, you don’t want to directly increase testosterone through artificial means (like steroids).

This could be VERY dangerous!

The absolute BEST way to jack up your hormones is to do it naturally, by increasing both the DEMAND within your body and the SUPPORT your body needs to service that “demand”.

On the “demand” side…you need to TRAIN!

That’s what my Optimum Anabolics program was designed for because it SPECIFICALLY focuses on a unique “natural triggering” process to increase your body’s own h0rm0ne production.

As for the “support” side…by increasing “precursers”, you provide your endocrine system with the raw materials it needs to NATURALLY increase testosterone…

WITHOUT the harmful side effects!

So how can you use this information to build more muscle?

How To Naturally Increase Testosterone By 65%
To Build More Muscle…FAST!

To achieve this natural boost to your hormones, scientists discovered that 50-60 minutes exposure of EARLY MORNING sunlight worked best at increasing these powerful precursers.

Unfortunately, most guys DON’T actually get this much exposure.

In fact, you could actually be sabotaging your ability to increase testosterone!

For example…

  • If you work in an INDOOR OFFICE, your exposure is only 20% of what you need!
  • If you live in an area that’s often OVERCAST, you may only be getting 10% of what you need!

This may also explain the higher incidence of depression in areas of the world that don’t get a lot of sunlight.

The solution?


It’s simple…but it helps (a LOT!)

Do things like:

  • Walk or bike to work if you live close enough and weather permits
  • Eat your breakfast and lunch outside
  • Go for an early morning jog
  • Do bodyweight exercises at a local park
  • Ask your boss for that corner office! (Tell them it’s for your test0ster0ne levels…they’ll understand! 😉

Again, this doesn’t mean to imply that getting a suntan is going to make you a muscle-bound stud.

But when used in combination with the right bodybuilding program, it could give you a serious boost.

The results from Optimum Anabolics alone has shown this to be possible as it’s been used to increase anabolic hormones by as much as 1,000%!

And that’s all natural!

If you’ve read this far, then it’s OBVIOUS that you’re interested in raising your body’s own natural h0rm0ne production and this is the program, so check out that program now and see what it’s done for others who have tested its methods.

30 Responses to “Strange Trick To Naturally Increase Testosterone By 65%”

  1. Sam says:

    Your findings are great, but I have a question for you:
    We all know that abstaining from sex for long enough increases testosterone levels, but how does this work and why?

    • Great question Sam!

      We actually did some research on this some time ago and found that hardly anyone (not even my Urologist) could explain this connection. It took some digging to come up with some answers and we’ll post our findings here soon as a follow up, ok?

      • Rod says:

        So this sounds at bit like what Ben Stiller was told on “There’s Something About Mary”… (I say a BIT..) from Chris Elliot in terms of “when you’re talking to a woman.. you DON’T want the BABY batter on the BRAIN!!” Or in more direct terms (and I’m sure I’m not alone here) the less sex/love you make.. well some of us have had the inevitable ‘blue balls’.. or the best example… the movie “40 days and 40 nights” when Josh Hartnett enters into a vow to abstain from sex.. absolutely totally.. “no touching, no kissing, no fooling around, no self gratification… no sex whatsoever… for 40 days.. and 40 nights” So yes Jeff we’re really interested in these findings!

      • Sam says:

        Hi Jeff, have you forgotten me? I’m still waiting.

  2. Mark says:

    Is it production of Vit. D from sunlight that affects testosterone levels, or there some other trigger going on? I’m just wondering if supplementing with Vit. D would be just as effective. I take 1000 IU per day.

    • No, not associated with Vitamin D, though you’re wise to be supplementing.

      It’s a separate function and effect from the sunlight but is it just a coincidence that we now have to supplement with Vitamin D AND men are seeing lower levels of testosterone these days when compared to before?

      Both “conditions” “Vitamin D deficiency” and “low testosterone” are influenced by our lack of sufficient sunlight exposure.

      More reasons to get more sun. :-)

  3. Floyd in Atlanta says:

    How is the sun “exposure” actually absorbed by the body? For example, if I am cutting the grass, with my shirt off, am I getting the same “exposure” as if I am sitting on a park bench eating my lunch, fully clothed? Should I take a ‘morning jog’ in my swim suit or in sweats? What if I put my office desk in front of a window, with morning sunlight?

    How much of the results in raised Testostrone due to the sunlight, and how much is “getting outdoors and breathing fresh air”? Does vitamin C intake (largely available in sunlight) have a similar impact? Have they determined exactly what aspect of sunlight is the ‘stimulus’? (such as the mentioned levels of vit. C)

    • Yes, any outdoor exposure (cutting grass counts) is going to have this effect. I personally think (just a hypothesis) that combining testosterone boosting factors could give a better effect (such as weight training outdoors; think pushups & pullups).

      Sunlight’s effects on hormones really isn’t new news because we’ve known for some time about how lack of sunlight affects the health, hormones and mood in people who live in areas with more rain and less sunlight. From this standpoint, this totally makes sense that it would also affect testosterone.

  4. cz says:

    Great, you’ll be all man as you come down with melanoma.

    • Don’t go to extremes here CZ. I’m a red-headed, pasty white Scot who looks like a Chicken McNugget after 30 minutes in the sun.

      But there’s a difference between walking around in my leopard skin thong working on a bout of skin cancer and getting more sun to balance out hormones. I’m able to work it in without coming to a slow sizzle. I’m sure you can too.

      • david says:

        Sun exposure is important to health in many ways. There are even studies showing increased use of sunblock has actually increased the amount of skin cancer. The problem seems to be not show much with sun exposure causing cancer as the lack of anti-oxidants needed to let the body deal with the free radicals generated by exposure to the sun. This has a lot to do with a poor diet and the diminished amount of nutrients in mass produced food which have lower nutritional density. I think Jeff would agree a diet high in leafy green veggies is important.

        Also check out the supplement astaxanthin. My wife if a fair skinned redhead and used to burn easily and take days (5-7) to recover (speaking of blue balls). Since she began taking astaxanthin she no longer worries about being out in the sun. And if she does over do her sun exposure, her discomfort is minimal and usually gone in day. If you decide to use astaxathin for protection from exposure to the sun, take it for 2 weeks to let it get in your system first. Astaxathin is 600 times more powerful than Vit C as an anti-oxidant. It works at the cellular to remove free radicals.

        What say you Jeff about astaxanthin?

    • Art says:

      Yeah, cz, I was thinking the same thing. My dermatologist insists I wear sunblock when in sunlight. If I do that, how will the sun increase my testosterone? Or does it matter?

      • It does matter Art. Sunblock does filter out our exposure to the sun which is one of the reason why we’re now supplementing with Vitamin D and why it’s pushed so heavily now.

        It’s a real challenge, isn’t it? We need more sun exposure for proper body function but too much and we get skin cancer? Sheesh!

  5. Michael Grant says:

    AWESOME POST! nothing makes me happier then to find yet another way to boost the T’s :). i have the optimum anabolics package and even though i have not started using it yet, it looks AMAZING!

  6. Felix says:

    This explains what has happened to me. I used to be a builder/carpenter, outside all day wearing shorts, boots and a hat. Apart from a tan I was also muscular and ripped. Since starting my own building company, a lot of the work is management and I spend most of my time organizing and quite a lot of that is inside. I have gained about 15 kilos, lost my tan and my definition. I’m seriously giving consideration to selling the company and going back to working on site. Apart from the sunlight, building work is very good exercise and you get paid for it! When my younger brother finished school I got him a job as a labourer with the company I was working for. He used to be fat. After 3 years he has lost about 20 kg of fat, and put on 30 kg of muscle, gained a great tan and has more women than he knows what to do with – thanks to the extra testerone it doesn’t seem to be a big problem though!

    • Makes total sense Felix and as I said in another comment, the combination of physical work (i.e. “training) and outside activity makes for a great combination when it comes to hormone enhancement.

  7. Chuck S says:

    I’ve thought that it would be good if one of you fitness guys could sell or tell about a UV-B light that could help produce vitamin D when it’s 20 below outside. Maybe a light with more than UV-B is needed to also produce Big-T. Maybe a full-spectrum light, although I don’t know if that includes UV. I exercise at home, so I could exercise with my shirt off in front of such a light. Probably good to have my back to it to minimize UV in my eyes.

    While it’s summer, I should try to some outside stuff. One problem is that I often exercise to videos on the computer, but I could maybe skip the computer. I mostly use the computer for timing, so getting some portable timer may be all I need. It would be nice if such a timer could also time several items during an 8 hour work day.

    Thanks for this, Jeff.

  8. Michael says:

    Lo Jeff,

    Read your article about sunlight increasing testosterone with interest, unfortunately for me I have summer related SAD which makes direct sunlight exposure difficult if not impossible. Would supplementing with vitamin D or use of a sunlight imitating bulb/lightbox have a similar effect?

    I’ve read an article about a new product from Prograde called K20, which is supposed to naturally increase testosterone levels, what are your thoughts?

    Thanks for your time

    • The full spectrum light bulb WILL help Michael and I wrote another article on this some time ago. Get a super bright one (120w) and put it in a reflective clip on shop light (cheap at your local hardware store)

      Don’t know about Prograde’s supplement. I always make my own supplements so especially for T-boosters, it’s hard to get enough supplements packed into a bottle to have an effect. Not saying it won’t work…just not a fan of off-the-shelf T-Boosters.

      • Taha says:

        Prograde is a trusted company by many people and use 100% natural ingredients and normally state how much of each ingredient they put in. Try 1 bottle first and see what effects it has.

      • Tanner says:

        Jeff, how does one find out what supplements to combine for boosting T?

  9. Dan says:

    How much is “some” sun?

  10. Al says:

    This sounds right. Have you ever noticed how you always feel randier in the summer? Of course the women walking around half naked in the sun contributes to that as well of course, but the women always seem randier as well and that would figure because women would have raised testosterone levels in the summer as well. And it’s testosterone that makes you randy.

  11. tarbis says:

    Darn it! I received this article just when a storm is passing through our country. RAIN RAIN GO AWAY!!! I WANT MY MORNING SUNLIGHT!!! >XE

  12. Leon says:

    Hi Jeff

    My brother just started taking Animal M-Stak by Universal Nutrition. One of its functions is to increase testosterone levels. Most if not all of the ingredients listed in Animal M-Stak come from natural sources. So personally, I don’t see any problem in him taking it. Besides, he actually saw really fast results from his workout after taking it.

    My Mom is concern of the phytosterols found in it and have asked me to find out more on the potential short or long term negative side effects.

    Could you comment on this since it is related to increasing testosterone?


  13. Sam says:

    Hi All
    I want to expose the most important factor in bodybuilding:
    If you don’t get your Mrs’ permission then you won’t get anywhere.

    So forget about doing any fancy workout regimen, or applying some fancy nutrition.

  14. NYU Grad says:

    You need to try the Dr Max Powers Stack. I’ve been stacking different types of supplements that promote the growth of GH and testosterone for quite some time, all legal and natural of course. The best combination I have had was when tribulus was in the mix. No doubt it plays a large role in elevating normal levels of testosterone into a zone where my strength and endurance increases on all levels. There is of course the bed room side effect that you’ll need to be prepared for…helps very much if you have a girlfriend!

    If your reasons for wanting to raise test levels is for the gym or you just have extremely low leves to begin with, I would recommend looking into The Dr Max Powers Anabolic Stack, which puts together all of the natural boosters like DHEA, trib, DAA, longjack, and some others I cannot think of. I’ve combined many of these supplements in the past on my own, so I will reiterate that something like this would be for someone who is looking to build some serious muscle and is willing to deal with the side effects of more aggression and sexual tension. Sorry but thats what happens when test levels get too high, to me it’s worth, others not so much.

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