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How To “Shrink Wrap” Your Abs!


Got a present for you!

Want that “shrink wrap” look around your midsection that looks like someone painted on your skin around a deep, carved 6-pack?

What if “dieting down” wasn’t the way to do it?

What if the answer was much simpler and hinged around 1 SIMPLE TECHNIQUE?

What if I gave you a special present that explained it to you in simple “non-scientific” lingo?

Here you go…

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“How To Shrink Wrap Your Abs!”

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If you want paper-thin skin wrapped tight around your abs, then try THIS method

(Hint: it’s actually the OPPOSITE of what a lot of people advise!)

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You’ll be shocked at how very WRONG so many people have it when it comes to how to get that chiseled fitness model physique.

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24 Responses to “How To “Shrink Wrap” Your Abs!”

  1. ads says:

    Ya, I knew there would be something to buy after all of this. What a load of crap.

    • Mike says:

      Ah, I knew there would be a cynic in the Comments section. Upsetting, but not surprising. A more cynical comment could not have been made.

      Just wondering whether YOU, Mr. Ads (Ads-Hater?) actually HAVE a six-pack. If you do, then why don’t you start your own Web site and help some people out, as Jeff is doing?

      If not, then perhaps you ought to start spending more time in the gym than on the Internet, complaining that people like Jeff Anderson are trying to run a business and feed their families!

      If you disagree with the information he is offering – check that, if you are qualified and intelligent enough to be able to disagree with Jeff’s insights and analysis – then please step off your high horse and enlighten the rest of us with YOUR ideas about fitness. Start your own Web site; run your own business. Don’t rip people off the way you think Jeff is doing; give them the truth – for free.

      Here’s one thing I know for certain: Starving yourself is NOT the way to get a six-pack, but if Jeff Anderson didn’t run his business, and didn’t make money, then he and his family would starve.

      Let’s see you run a Web site, without ads, without selling anything, and without starving yourself as a result. Even if you have a six-pack right now, which I doubt, then you wouldn’t be able to maintain it for long if you starved. And starve you would if you gave stuff away and had no ADS.

      Yes, to have ABS, you need to have ADS. Jeff Anderson has both. And you, sir? And you?

      • Ha! Thanks for having my “6” Mike! LOL

        You’ll always have a glass is half full or glass is half empty crowd out there. Cynics always fail to achieve because they’re always looking for a reason NOT to trust someone or something. If you look, you’ll always find.

        It’s no secret how I make a living and I’m truly blessed that I’m able to help people with my words and by locating other programs I believe in that may be that little something that changes someone’s life.

        This year, I had the very best transformations of my online clients ever. The tear-filled emails of gratitude I receive steamroll over idiots like “ads”.

        Anyway…appreciate the support brotha!

        ~ Jeff

  2. john says:

    Now someone else wants to tell us how we’re supposed to look…!

    How is this guy such an expert on the male physique? Is he gay?

    Sure he has invented a program that will make you look like Brad Pitt or one of those other Hollywood clowns…so what!

    What if you want that huge BB look!

    If you really want an attractive physique look no further than the ancient greeks…be an athelete!
    Play soccer, swim, bike,run…lift heavy ass weights. Do SQUATS, Bench, DEADLIFT and Row. Do bodyweight exercises. Eat whole foods, live right and you too can look good.

    • Geez John…bit of a body issue there? ๐Ÿ˜‰

      There are certainly different ways that men (and women) want to look. You may want to get that huge bodybuilder look, which I personally find disgusting. Not just because I couldn’t get there without better genetics and roids…but because it truly looks disgusting in my view.

      To me, the most defining factor in whether someone “looks” good is their abs. I’ve seen scrawny toothpick guys with no arms turn heads of women at the beach because they had a killer 6-pack. Take a look at Eddys’s picture at Kid looks AWESOME if you ask me. Fact is, the “Hollywood Abs” look is easier to obtain for those with average or below average genetics and it looks great.

      Look, if you don’t want the Hollywood look, then don’t let someone “tell” you you need it. But don’t trash someone’s program because of what YOU want, eh? There’s a whole bunch of other guys who DO want that look.

      I’m one of them! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. ( another mike ) says:

    This is Jeff’s site- He can run ads if he wants. I’ve even bought some things off of his site ( like Tom Venutos new program) and have use Jeff’s products- good stuff. Since this is a public blog we should be allowed to comment either way though.

    I have to agree with Johns comment above. Seems like these days most people are pushing their programs by running others down.

    If you really want to see something worthy of aspiring to check out the latest Sports Illustrated- The Body Issue. Atheletes still have the most aesthetic physiques. I might be biased though since I’m an amateur athelete and have a freakin’ 8 pack beeotch!

    • James says:

      dont know if your still around mike but I really am interested on what Tom Venutos new program is like do you have a review or could you give an honest one not a hyped up guru I want your money so click here review, you can reply to this message I will visit again in a couple of days, but if you never visit this site again have a good

      • ( another mike ) says:

        I like Tom’s Holy Grail program. He has a very generous trial period if you aren’t satisfied you get a 100% refund, It’s been nearly 3 weeks for me and I won’t be sending mine back,

        I had discovered some of what Tom is saying through my own studies and trial and error but he does a really good job putting it all together and has peer reviewed research to back it up. I’ve learned some new things from him. The program is about body recomposition and is centered around periodization and cyclical dieting. He has some canned plans already written up but you can tailor it to meet your training regimen as needed.

        I’m an ecto-mesomorph but still get too fat if I try to “bulk up” and lose most of the lean mass I gained during the cut. Tom’s approach is a breath of fresh air for anyone tired of the traditional BB bulk/cut ritual.

        I’m not a BB. I’m currently at 8% BF and am looking to build functional mass for endurance sports while not gaining fat. I got his TNB workout bonus with my package. I really like how I am responding to it! Of course any new program will take your body in a different direction.

        My wife will be doing this program too. She needs to loose a little fat and his turn key approach should keep her on track.

        Tom is one of the good guys. I highly recommend him.

  4. Michael says:

    Hey Jeff,

    I imagine that since you put this on your website, that it ties in well with your programs – like Optimum Anabolics – right???

    • I’m an avid tester. I love to try new things even when they’re not my own ideas.

      The benefits of integrating fitness programs is that you get to find out what works best for you.

      I suggest trying any program for a minimum of 6 weeks to see how your body responds. Track your bodyfat readings and your measured muscle circumference for changes.

      In some cases, the other programs I tell you about will work in tandem, but not usually at the same time because my programs are so specific and detailed that there isn’t much wiggle room for changes without basically creating your own style of program (which is still cool).

      That being said, I collect fitness programs like a pack rat and look for any single tip that will raise an eyebrow for me…then I find where it will fit in my current program to give me even greater results.

      For me, I’ll spend $47 or even $97 for a program and if I find one really kick-ass tip or exercise that I feel will give me better or faster results, then that was worth a HELL of a lot more money than me spending that same money on some supplement that lasted me 1-2 months. The tip will last me a lifetime.

      Money well spent in my opinion!

      • Michael says:

        That’s great thanks. My concern was that since OA is a muscle building program, that it might ‘create’ the kind of muscle that this guy is advocating against….(I haven’t started it yet, I’m on another program right now….. I like buying multiple programs too) I would love to have more muscle, but I don’t want to be the Hulk (but it’s fine if others do), so I figured that if I would supplement OA with this one, it might give the best of both worlds (OA gives you the crazy muscle growth and this program gives you the dense, lean look)….maybe OA does the other stuff too though, I haven’t started yet ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. TPP says:

    I honestly think all this hating on Jeff is childish, you expect a grown man to put up information for you on how to get ripped for free? He has a life to lead as well, this is his workplace, respect it as you would expect your workplace to be respected. Personally I have been checking out some of Jeff’s stuff, connected to him through Lee and from his emails I think he knows his stuff. Why don’t the rest who think he shouldn’t be avertising himself check out the free stuff he has to offer then decide weather he is a fraud or not, because I don’t think he appreciates people probably half his size telling him how to bodybuild. Like Mike said, it’s about time these ‘Facebook Gurus’ start doing something constructive and back up the s*** they talk.

  6. Jim says:

    Wow, you guys are harsh! What did you think this link would lead to – didn’t you realize it was an enticement to buy something? If you don’t want to buy, then don’t buy. If you don’t agree, then don’t agree but understand that’s what all these things are- just ads to get you to buy! I have no problem with it because I understand he’s running a business – more power to him for being self-employed and earning a living from it.

  7. Richard says:

    Wow, ya, i would just hate to look like some of those over muscular guys with the hour shaped bods. How terrible. NOT!!!!!!

  8. Dave says:

    I have to back Jeff on this one. I’ve bought his programs, used them and they work. His service is also excellent, when I purchased the wrong program, he exchanged it for the right program.

  9. Chris 1 says:

    I would like to thank you Jeff for sharing Rusty Moore ideas with us.
    Not sure if I will buy it or not, but to all those out there that have something negative to say, simply just don’t buy the program. If you start to read it an its not for you, then delete it. Personally I thought it was an interesting read as it is perspective/ program that I have not seen anywhere else.
    I have purchased some of Jeff’s material, and I’ve got to say it works.

    • Thanks Chris (and Dave, and Richard, and Jim, and TPP…LOL)

      Bottom line…take the free stuff…buy what you want…don’t buy what you don’t want…return what doesn’t work…blah blah blah…

      I’ve learned to just make a choice not to let negativity to sink into my life. Guys come on my blog specifically just to try to get to me and I feel sorry for them. To live life always looking to go out of your way to trash someone else for what? To make yourself feel better? These are the same bullies from high school who stole lunch money and caught the girls’ attention by tripping bookworms in the halls.

      I leave 90% of their comments up on my blog instead of deleting them as a way for others to decide which camp they fall in. If you read these comments and identify with idiots, then you’re looking for a reason NOT to follow my advice or try a new program. Best just to click away and not come back.

      Others (like you guys) are the positive ones who find the wisdom in the words and use what you can…discard what you can’t…and are appreciative of the effort.

      Thanks y’all! Stay positive! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      ~ Jeff

      Stay positi

  10. Brenda says:

    I thought the info was more informative then a lot of sites out there. He explained and shared some interesting ideas. I just got done doing a Bodybuilding contest (Figure) and I can see how this approach would work to help a lot of competitors..including myself in taking your physique to the next level.

    If you want to look huge, I can see where you could use this workout in a way to get whatever results your after.

  11. Mike says:

    Mike seems to be a common name. Dime a dozen in fact. Anyway, there not much on here I either agree or disagree with. I mean everyone is entitled to an opinion, no matter how misinformed it is. But there is one comment I cannot abide. Playing soccer?? WTH? Man I can think of 50 sports to be playing before soccer. Limeys got a lot to answer for.

  12. Shawn says:

    The link doesn’t work.

  13. anwar ali says:

    jeff da man . trying it and loving it. but was wondering if drinking more water would make it faster process

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