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Bodyweight Workout For Chest EXPLODES Mass Gains!

My “mad scientist” buddy Nick Nilsson is at it again! LOL

Nick knows that I”m a huge bodyweight exercise fanatic (maybe programmed into me from my Army days? Hoo-ah!)

So when he tapped into his “Best Chest Exercises You’ve NEVER Heard Of” pec-pumping tactics, I just had to share it with you.

This is a GREAT strategy for anyone looking to increase the size of your chest…


Nick Nilsson - Mass Building Mad Scientist

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How 100 Pushups Can
Explode Your Chest Size!




A straight-through set of 100 push-ups!

Can you do it?

Pushups are one of the very BEST exercises for your chest development.

But doing 100 reps is a strength/endurance accomplishment that VERY few people are ever able to achieve.

It requires both physical and mental toughness and hitting it will definitely set you apart from everybody else!

There are several ways to work yourself up to this kind of set…just blindly doing push-ups everyday is NOT going to do it as quickly as possible…

…you need a “100 REP STRATEGY”!

The key is going to be adjusting the amount of bodyweight resistance you’re putting on the exercise.

THEN the key is going to be progression.

Very high rep training like this is a whole different animal from regular strength training.

You need to train in that range specifically in order to build the endurance and lactic-acid clearing capabilities in your muscles for those very high rep sets.

Here’s What To Do…

Start with a bar set in the power rack with the rails set a few feet off the ground.

Set your hands on the bar at about the same width you’d use for benching then set your feet back and keep your body straight.

The higher the bar, the easier the exercise will be so start at a fairly steep incline.

Then just do the push-up from there, lowering your chest to the bar and pushing back up.

Now repeat for 99 more reps :-)

Like I said, simple, right?

Why This Chest Training Secret Works Like Magic…

This type of training will give you a tremendous increase in localized blood volume (aka “the pump”).

With this high rep range, you force a lot of blood into the chest, which helps increase the capillarization of the muscles, improving the blood supply and improving their ability to get nutrients.

And more nutrients = more GROWTH!

You’ll be getting GREAT chest development from this.

For progression, record the height you set the rails at and make sure you get 100 straight reps.

Next time, go down one notch lower.

If you get 100 again in that set, go lower again.

If you don’t hit 100, stay at the height till you do.

Basically, you’ll have to earn your level.

Eventually, you’ll be all the way to the floor and doing 100 rep sets with regular push-ups.

Combined with my other “secret chest training exercises“, you’ll be amazed at how much mass and definition you can achieve in your pecs!

Do this for one set and the start of each workout you do and you’ll hit that 100 push-up mark FAST!

15 Responses to “Bodyweight Workout For Chest EXPLODES Mass Gains!”

  1. Ed says:

    I accomplished this using my stairs…started at about step 3 and worked down to the floor over about 4 weeks doing it every other day. Next goal is putting my feet up on the bottom stem and doing 100 or doing narrow hands…that’s tough!!

  2. Robin says:

    Do you take a rest between the push ups (say after 25) or do straight 100 reps?

    • Nick Nilsson says:

      The goal is to do 100 straight reps with no rest, but if you can’t what I recommend is doing as many as you possibly can (maybe you get to 60 or something) then rest about 10 seconds, then do as many more reps as you can (maybe another 15) then rest then as many more as you can. Keep going til you hit that 100 rep mark.

      Next time, stay at that same height and just keep that height until you hit 100 reps straight through. THEN lower the bar a notch and repeat the procedure.

  3. Marc Gustafson says:

    Love it! Gotta try this strategy out… I do daily pushup sets, but I find I max out in the same place almost every day; this gives me a totally different approach to building my pecs.

  4. Alan Vaz says:

    Jeff Anderson, Do I do this 100 push-up exercise just One time? and do I do this for my First chest exercise or Last?

    Please give an example of whole chest work-out that includes this 100 push-up strategy..

  5. John P says:

    Hi Jeff / Nick

    I noticed that my lower chest is more developed than my upper.
    Do you have a recommendation to equalize the upper chest?
    I have always struggled with keeping these equal.
    Thank you.

    • Nick Nilsson says:

      Absolutely – in keeping with the bodyweight theme here, incline push-ups target the upper chest nicely (feet up on a bench). Other than that, I actually incline barbell bench press done in the power rack, not in the actual incline bench. The reason there being you can start from a dead stop at the bottom of each rep (resting the weight on the safety rails a few inches above your chest).

      This allows you to reset your shoulders and chest. What happens in a normal incline bench where you don’t reset your body on each rep is that the weight flattens your rib cage, which pushes your shoulders forward, which makes the incline bench more of a front delt exercise. When you reset on every rep, you can get your shoulders back on every rep and start from the best position to do the exercise.

  6. Dan says:

    Awesome plan. Talk about “progressive resistance”! Know what also works great for body weight exercises? Weighted vests. I guess, technically, with extra resistance you’re not doing body weight exercise anymore, but the movements are still more natural feeling than with weights or machines — and the results? Whooee!

  7. CPC says:

    Jeff, I received my commission in the Infantry 26 years ago and I have never seen this tip before. It sounds like absolute genius! Nick is indeed the man!

    I have never done more than 68 pushups in 2 minutes. This may get me to 100!! My PT test in on 13 OCT. How far (reps/min on ground) do you think I can get in between now and then? I want to leave the 20 year olds staring slack jawed.

  8. Simao says:

    Hello Everyone!

    I read this and I had to at least share my own experience. It´s up to you to believe in it, test it or skim read through it. It has baffled my mind all these years how nobody ever tapped into pushups for chest gains. I was 19 or 20 years old, when one night I decided to throw myself on the ground, I was a bit weary of not looking very tight. I started pushing up reps. I did 10. The next day I did 2×10. That week, I built my resistance up to 40 in a row. Results immediately followed, within the next 5 years (long story short), I built myself up to a bare MINIMUM of 200 pushups a day. I kept that routine through University, 15 years of competitive BBall and still going today. People, I am not kidding, I am not endorsed and I really want to share this with you guys, Jeff´s got his finger on it. Everyone´s tired of seeing “massive gains guaranteed” ads, I´m no different. Please bare with me.

    Up to 23 years old, I had never stepped in a gym (played BBall for of years years though). When I found the hidden pwers of pushups, my colleagues started noticing, some of them actually thought and asked if I was using “something” to grow. Every single one who asked, I had none but one answer. Pushups. I almost felt a cheater for “revealing” my secret, ´cause it really wasn´t even a secret. I met plenty of disbelief, let me tell you. I just put myself up to it. It got to the point where I was hooked, some days I would do sets of 150 reps, adding up to a total of… 500. Yep, not easy but definitely doable. You guys have to give yourselves a chance!

    Damn, even a few wiry looking basketball kids asked and I gave them all that same advice. One of them started doing it, 2 months later he´s heading to the table on a summer day. Off comes his shirt, he sits down and his whole Family stopped to stare. A clanky 6´5 19 year old kid looked seriously changed from the last time his relatives had seen him shirtless. Questions followed, obviously. His parents were actually doubtful he had started taking “aids” prescribed by team coaches. Not the case. His brother, a 6´7 BBall athlete came back to me to thank me for the advice.

    It´s STUPID SIMPLE, nothing more to it. Pecs, shoulders, arms, core, every part will tighten up. You do not have to step in a gym to build a great body. I eventually did, today I am 35 with a decent physique, but I stick by my guns! Sure, bench presses can build volume, some strength, etc. But for a ripped, carved, open wide shaped chest, long lasting look and function, I always go back to pushups and basic variations of it.

    Sorry if I was long, I truly believe in what Jeff is saying, I´ve followed him for a few years now. He´s the sort of trainer you want to read up on and have by your side. Jeff doesn´t have the slightest of who I am. Feel free to check me up on FB – Simao Lagoa.

    Peace everyone. All the best.

    • Big Dawg says:

      I believe you Simao.I was in the Navy for 10 years and was bench pressing 335 lbs,cold,no warm-up,just stretching.The reason I became able to do so was because I had a push-up routine of 500 to 1000 push-ups every other day.It definitely works.All it takes is will power and the desire to dedicate one’s self to doing push-ups at any given time throughout the day. I would randomly hit the ground and do sets of 100 push-ups all day until I hit 500 or 1000.
      It can easily be done through dedication.

  9. Cameron says:

    Hey jeff. I know this is a bit irrelevant but I have been booked off all sport and physical exercise due to severe glandular fever. What are some tips you could give me on maintaining my physique during this period of no exercise?
    Also what are your views on Beta-Ecdysterone?

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